17 reasons you’re not living the life you want to – Motivation Phase

Here are 17 reasons you’re not living the life you want to :


17 reasons you’re not living the life you want to:
17 reasons you’re not living the life you want to:

1. You only work when motivated.
Learn to do what needs done not what you only want to do.

2. You don’t have a plan.
Developing a plan allows you to form a step by step process of what you will carry out.

3. You haven’t formed a high quality support network.
You can only do some much on your own. Contacts play an integral part of being successful.

4. You don’t look after your health.
Your health truly is your wealth without it, the rest of your life is knocked out of line.

5. You aren’t proactive.
You always need to be one step ahead in this world. If you aren’t someone else will be.

6. You rely on others for your happiness.
Our loved ones mean so much to us but never let someone else determine your happiness. Be prepared to walk away from what doesn’t serve you.

7. Youre afraid to spend.
Its cliche but 99% of the time, you need money to make money and if it isn’t money you need its time.

8. You envy others success.
Envy only eats you up. Learn from those who have went further, find out what it takes for you to do the same.

9. You can’t admit when you are wrong.
For some, the maturity to accept being wrong never comes. They spend their entire life blaming others.

10. You don’t stick to a budget.
Financial security is an important aspect of life. You can still enjoy your life while securing your financial future.

11. You aren’t consistent.
People look for a secret to success but are never too keen on consistency. Show up everyday.

12. You aren’t honest with yourself.
If you really want to see changes in your life, you have be honest with what you’re not doing. Face up to your fears.

13. You let others dictate your decisions.
Having people in your life to talk issues over with is a huge help but ultimately you need to decide what is best for you.

14. You focus on the negative.
Your thoughts determine your reality. If you spend all day thinking of negative outcomes you will get negative outcomes. Switch your mindset.

15. You aren’t specific with your goals.
Instead of saying you want to make money.
Change that to..
I want to earn $10,000 in profit within 6 months selling digital products.

16. You don’t feel you deserve success.
One of the defining factors in a successful life is feeling that you are worthy of it.
You are just as good as anyone else. Claim it.

17. You don’t have a purpose.
This for me personally, was what changed everything. I went from being completely bored of my day to day life to enthusiastic.
Everyone is different when it comes to the purpose that will ignite the spark.
Go in search of it.



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